lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

Glam - Geje

DI-DA - Tak Ingin

Ungu & Rossa - Ku Pinang Kau Dengan Bismillah

Ainan Tasneem - Aku Suka Dia

ADA Band - Maunya Kamu

Sierra Soetedjo - The Only One

Nice Friday - Berakhir Sudah

Konspirasi - Dilema

The Trees and The Wild - Berlin

Yovie & Nuno - Galau

Raisa - Could It Be

Mocca - Hyperballad

Hyperballad is one of the greatest music hits Björk has brought to this world, so it is really difficult to cover it without failing in the attempt. Indonesian indie/acoustic band Mocca has given it a try and the result you can find it below. An awesome and well done cover, if it isn't surpasses the original it nearly does it. Great job.

Endah N Rhesa - Waiting

I've just found Endah N Rhesa by chance and it seems they are another interesting duet from the indonesian music market. In some way their music resembles to the one Isarel Kamawiwo used to play some years ago. Thumbs up for them.

Twentyfirst Night - Selamanya Indonesia

Great song from this indonesian band, now they are based in south Jakarta and they are becoming a big name there, well deserved from my point of view.

Maliq & D'Essentials - Penasaran

Judika - Aku Yang Tersakiti

Last Child ft. Giselle - Seluruh Nafas Ini

Adera - Terlambat

HiVi! - Indahnya Dirimu

Armada - Hargai Aku

Ello & Tohpati - Benci Tapi Rindu (Tribute To Rinto Harahap)

Setia Band - Hatiku Pilu

Ratu Sweethella - Run and Hide

The Fabulous Cats - Suka Suka

Super Senior - Potong Bebek Angsa

This band is a parody of south koreans Super Junior and it focuses on the many stereotypes that boybands/girlbands have.

7 Icons - Patah Hati (Broken Heart)

Vienna Teng - My Medea

Bondan Prakoso & Fade2Black - Tak Terkalahkan

Ello - Jangan Kau Sesali

Salju – Pelita Hati

Jabalrootz - Siapa Namamu

Baim feat. Dewa Budjana - Chaotic Human Alien

Pongki Barata - Aku Milikmu

domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

Girls’ Generation - Twinkle

J.Y. Park - You're The One

FFKAHOLIC - Loveaholic

25 hours - คนข้างๆ

2 Pcs. - ไม่มีทะเล

Timethai - จบมั้ย (The End)

FLAME - โดนของ



Funky Burger - ฆ่าเวลาหรือว่าคิดถึง

Yes'sir Days - การมาของเธอ

เป๊ก ผลิตโชค - ถูกคนแล้ว

Room39 feat. Wonderingpango - สัมพันธ์

Singular - Noid (นอยด์)

Toy Pakorn - แสงสุดท้าย

Better Weather - อากาศเปลี่ยนแปลงบ่อย

Lula - สักมุมบนโลกใบนี้