miércoles, 8 de agosto de 2012

Visual MooN - Endless

Visual MooN is the first mongolian visual kei band. They were formed in 2009 in Ulan-Bator city. Their music usually includes folk influences, oriental rock, electronic samples and some rap, which allows them to create and sing awesome wonderful ballads and explosive tracks with greatest solo, like the one I bring you today.

The first idea came from the twin brothers of the band (Tem and Akai). They met Kazuya and started the band in 2009/2/14 (Valentines day) without Dson (he joined the band few months later). Since 2010 they are working under Negun record label. Their sound is a mix of the more mainstream german rock style and visual kei rock, but they bill themselves as visual kei (the name “Visual Moon” would have already indicated that XD) and some of their influences are The Gazette, Versailles, X and Tokio Hotel. ¡¡¡This is their most recent release: Endless!!! 

Current line-up:

Akai (Temulin) - Vocal / Guitar
Tem (Temujin) - Guitar / Leader
Dson - Electro samples / Keyboard
Kazuya (Шижир) - Bass Guitar / Vocal

P.D.: I'll be off for summer holidays until late august, see you then and stay tuned for more songs.

С.Ганзориг МУГЖ & Д.Ширмэнтуяа МУГЖ - Хөхрөөд байгаа уулс

Great folk song from this duet, they are brother and sister and it seems singing has become a family tradition for them since a long time ago, their parents and grandparents are well known singers too. As many other songs we've seen today, this song talks about how great the mongolian country is. The video itself shows the beauty it posess but unfortunately some cars in the background bug that idyllic image they want to show us.

MinO - Romance

Honeymoon - Hundet Aav Eejdee

Berd & Dandii - Urgelj Saihan Zuilsiin Tuhai

Hulegee - Hagatsah Gej Hairlaagui

Baagii - Hairtai

Gee and Dj Zaya - Tui Mai

Rokit Bay ft Odko - Ai Ho (Margaashgui OST)

Altanjargal - Duuriimaa

Another wonderful example of mongolian folk song

Болдбаатар - Бид мартахгүй

Various Artists - Хөглөгөр их Алтай


Javkhlan Amarkhuu - Minii Nuuts Huu

Naran Mandah Zug - Naran Mandah Nutag

Ноён Бондгор - Дүү минь

martes, 7 de agosto de 2012

Ziyoda - Hali, Hali

Ziyoda O’tkirovna Qobilova most commonly known by her stage name Ziyoda, is another popular Uzbek singer and actress. She sings in uzbek and persian. She has also become famous outside of Uzbekistan thanks to a cover of Ruslana’s song Wild Dances. Ziyoda has also acted in a number of uzbek drama films.

Her debut album was released in Uzbekistan in 2008. Her music has been described as "a flawless and modern mix between Central-Asia, Arabia and the Western world. In 2007, Ziyoda was voted the best female singer of the year in Uzbekistán. She has also starred some modern, western-orientated music videos. This is her last single which is already a hit in Uzbekistan.

Nyusha - Vospominanie

Nyusha comes back with a new single. I'm not really sure if this is the official video for her newest song, at least it doesn't seem so but there's no any other else. The song keeps the same dance beat she used in her latest songs so if you liked them this song will be of your taste.

Dj Piligrim - Can't Stop

Bojalar - Klyosh

Ziyoda - Ajab-Sirlar

Davron Ergashev - Kelinchak

Jonibek - Azizam

Abduvali Rajabov - Yomg'irlar

Dilso'z - Ohlarim Mani

Irada - Irodangman

Shahzoda - To'kilib

Lior Miara - ליאור מיארה את יודעת קליפ

Lior Miara - ליאור מיארה- גדולה עליי

lunes, 6 de agosto de 2012

Habib Wahid & Ferdous Wahid - Khulna Royal Bengals Theme Song

Porshi feat Arfin Rumey - Khuje Khuje

Nemesis – Tritio Jatra

Super Friends - Bondhutto

Fuad Ft Zohad - Friendship Never Dies

Minar - Aro Ektu Dure

Mila - Jatrabala

Habib & Nancy - Jhora Pata

Mala - Rupali Raate

Palash - Ondho Moho

Topu - Shongopone

Upol - Beshe Jai

Imran & Nusrat - Noyone Noyone

Imran & Nusrat - Kothota Bhalobashi

Milon - Shokhi Bhalobasha Kare Koy

Ayon Ft. Eleyas Hossain & Aurin - Na Bola Kotha

Arfin Rumi Ft Shahid & Kheya - Bhavna Nodi

Arfin Rumey Ft Puja - Tumi Amar

domingo, 5 de agosto de 2012

Yulduz Usmanova - Schoch Va Gado

Yulduz Usmonova was born in Margilan city located in Ferghana region, Uzbekistan. Her parents worked at a silk factory. She studied music at the pedagogical institute in Margilan. She studied vocal, and then later became a popular singer in Uzbekistan after independence in 1991. She became famous throughout Central Asia and later in Turkey and has released songs in many languages, such as Uzbek, Uyghur, Turkish, Russian, Tajik, Arab, Kazakh, and Tatar.

As Uzbekistan’s most popular singer, she has regularly appeared in concerts and has released several albums. She is well known for her vocal opposition to the practice of lip-syncing in "live" concerts which is widespread among (younger) singers in Uzbekistan. She is one of the few artists remaining who always sing live.

Ulytau - Adai

Munojot Yo'Ichiyeva - Bayat-i Shiraz Talqinchasi

Munojot Yo'Ichiyeva (born 1960), also known under her name Munadjat Yulchieva, is the leading performer of classical Uzbek music and its Persian-language cousin Shashmaqâm. She is famous for the unique quality of her voice and her natural charisma.

Yo'Ichiyeva was born in 1960 in the Ferghâna valley near Tashkent, and from an early age it was obvious she had a great gift as a singer. This nearly resulted in her being channelled into a career as an opera singer, but she was inexorably drawn towards the slow, aching music of her own ancient culture, something that seemed almost pre-ordained by her name, which means 'ascent to God' or simply 'prayer'.

She is always accompanied by her master, the famous rubab player, Shawqat Mirzaev. Her repertoire includes many of his compositions, and she usually performs with his ensemble. Typically the group use local instruments such as the dutar (two stringed lute), the tanbur (3-stinged lute), a gidjak spike fiddle, doira frame drum, ney flute and at times the chang zither. Those lucky enough to attend one of her rare concerts abroad will witness a sumptuously dressed performer of startling gravitas and charisma, with long pigtails trailing down to her waist.

Only two recordings of her music are widely available - the first for the French label Ocora (1994) and the most recent (1997) on Germany's Network label, which has the subtitle A Haunting Voice.