jueves, 31 de enero de 2013

NOAH - Hidup Untukmu, Mati Tanpamu

İrem Derici - Bensiz Yapamazsın

Anemone - Heleegui

Ebe Dancel - Tayo-Tayo Lang

Shweta Subram feat Karthik - Piya

Nini Badurashvili - Mze Isev Gamatbobs

Naran - Durvun Uliral

Ayumi Hamasaki - Melody

Mae' Lay feat Ye' Lay - Ta Khout Khout Nae' Lite

Habib Wahid & Nancy - Tumi Je Amar Thikana

chay - makeup 80's

miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013

ONE OK ROCK - Deeper Deeper

ONE OK ROCK is a Japanese Rock band formed in the summer of 2005. It was started by Toru with High School friends Alex and Ryota after each of them got their musical instruments. After that, Taka joined as their vocalist and they focused on performing shows in the Tokyo area. 

In 2006 they independently released 2 mini albums. Because of their albums sales, their participation in relatively large festivals that summer and their energetic shows in the outskirts of Tokyo, they were noticed by a foreign record company. In March 2007 Tomoya officially joined the group and the band finally made their major debut by releasing their first single 内秘心書(Naihi Shinsho) on April 25th. 

The band’s name, One Ok Rock, came from “one o’clock,” the time that the band used to practice on weekends. However, noticing that the Japanese language made no distinction between r’s and l’s, they changed “o’clock” to “o’crock” (or “o’krock”) which then was separated to become “ok rock”. In April 5th, 2009, Alex was arrested for allegedly groping a female prep school student. They were going to release the single Around the world on May 6th but this was cancelled. The song was also going to be used for the drama ‘God Hand Teru’ but was replaced. Also, a nationwide tour was cancelled because of the incident. On May 15th, it was announced the Alex has left the group and the other 4 members would continue activites in the summer without him.

Hypnose - Ya Pechal

Black Cats - Tattoo

Aviv Geffen - Mr Down & Mrs High

Brandon Lee - Young Once

Jamaica Cafe - Permaisuriku

Roza Zergerli feat Qurd - Min Bir Gece

Qurd ft. Roza Zergerli - Min Bir Gece EXCLUSİVE!

Bolashak Tobi & Serzhanali Alibek - Достарым

Tay Kewei & Lee Ein Ein - 我就是这样

Ulugbek Rahmatullaev - Sevgilim

Emad Talebzadeh & Dj Amer - Hame Donyami

Ann - Wo Zhi Xiang Zai Hu Wo Zai Hu De

Tserili - პირველი ღამე

Anna Khachatryan - Kilikia

ZurGi - დიდხანს გელოდი

Tommy Master - Khon Bor Sum Khun

Kona - Neel Pori

Nancy & Kishor - Akash Ta Ke Kagoj Kore

Yusuf Mahmoud - Bia Jalwa Numa

martes, 29 de enero de 2013

Da Zhi feat Starr Chen - 201314

Asaf Avidan - Cyclamen

Redd - Beni Sevdi Benden Çok

Calvin Jeremy - Berdua

Kiwi - Tenger Gazriin Dund

Azizshox feat MirSaid - Senda

Ashyr Mowlamberdiyew - Dine Sen Uchin

P.O.P - Can You Hear My Heart?

GK - Lambadiye

Lankan version of worldwide famous song Ai Se Eu Te Pego of  Michel Telo

Benom - So'rama

Soe Pyae Thazin - Chit Thu Yawe Mal

Gacha - Remember

HiVi! - Curi-Curi

Darren Ashley - Morning Breeze


TRIPLANE - Cheers To Us

Rax Timyr feat Kishan Amin & Ambika Jois - Meri Maa (Vande Mataram)

Rax Timyr is a producer from the UK Asian music scene who is making a fresh entranceas a producer who holds credentials that include Rishi Rich and Mumzy Stranger to name a few. The production of “Meri Maa” featuring his newly signed artists Kishan Amin and Ambika Jois follows his recent Bollywood cover of “Saans” from film “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” featuring artist Avina Shah and Kishan Amin with their tribute to late Bollywood film director Yash Chopra. 

Ambika Jois, a singer and songwriter born and partially raised in Bengaluru and currently based in London (UK) stems from a musical background. Trained by her father Violin Chandru, Ambika Jois has gained credentials for working with some of the finest established and upcoming musicians in India and UK, such as Vijay Prakash, Praveen D Rao, Bollywood Strings, BBC Concerto Orchestra, Shammi Pithia, Flux, Ash King, Aggi Dukes, Amal Lad, Vernon G Segaram and Charles Bosco to name a few.

Atomic Chain - EMCEE Donald

Ayan Babakişiyeva - Leyli Mecnun Sevgisi