martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012

Ege Çubukçu - Parti İstanbul

Tomorrow i'm going to a trip to Istanbul so i'll be off a few days. Should i consider next song as a prelude of what is going to come? I hope so, ¡¡¡have a nice week all of you!!!

Noo Phước Thịnh - Níu Kéo

Fairies - White Angel

Demet Akalın - Giderli Şarkılar

Omar Bashir - Ambient Oud

Olivia Yan & Utopia - Seconds of Life

May J. feat Daniel Powter - Back To Your Heart

Watch the official video from 0:39 to 4:42. In the rest of the video you can listen to some of May's newest songs from her already released album.

Aira Yuuki - Yoimachi Ugetsu

Kate Earl - One Woman Army

Girls’ Generation - FLOWER POWER

TVXQ – Humanoids

Yến Chi – Nói Với Anh

Thái Trinh – Cười Lên Em

lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012

Moshe Peretz - Ulay Halaila

Moshe Peretz is an israeli mizrahi pop singer-songwriter and composer. He was born on May 10, 1983 in Tiberias to a Moroccan-Iraqi Jewish family. Peretz started singing as a poet in a synagogue in his home town at the age of 13 and started writing songs and to compose. At the age of 18 Peretz was inducted into the Israel Defense Forces and served at Military band. He has released five albums, the last one: Zikukim, last year.

* Thanks Crazy for the info

Tako Gachechiladze - Shentan Minda

Kais Khoury - Cannibals Paradise

Valeriya -The Party's Over

Dzvali feat Maia Kachkachishvili - Chemo Tbilis Qalaqo

Eldar Shoshitashvili - Digomi

Tako Meliqishvili & Giorgi Datiashvili - Citeli Basanochkebi

Gia Suramelashvili - Gapatieb

Stephane & 3g - For Somebody

Tako Gachechiladze - Freak Me Out

Ashlee - Emo Misli

MIRAGE - Ratom Ar Igeb Xmas

Fady Maalouf - Missing your Face

Kais Khoury feat Moh Taifi - Dying Earth

Joe Zidane - Lama

domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2012

Behi - Argagui Amrag

Kush and Oyuka - Say it Now

Bold feat Rokit Bay - Uulen Domog

Bayartsengel - Бүсгүй минь чи инээмсэглэ

Crush Bash & Bayartsengel - Zul sar

A Cool ft Заяа - Үнэтэй

Munkh Erdene-Chuluunbat - Variation

The Compass - Nar Mandah Hurtel

Extacy - Glorious

Bold - Namriin Tuhai Bodol

Far Away - Single Day

Sweetymotion - Ганц шөнө байгаагүй

Tsetse - Tsaash Ni

MIXX - Zoriulaad

The Compass - Tsas Zarimdaa Hayalah Durtai

Lhagva ft. Monhbat - Sainuu Naiz Mini

Ogino feat Onon - Yaruulahgui

sábado, 24 de noviembre de 2012

Dashni Morad - I Am (Open Your Eyes)

Dashni Morad was born on 1st of January 1986 in Sulemaniayh. At the age of 11 she moved to Holland and began a new life full of opportunities. At the age of 19 she joined Kurdistan TV with the program Be Control (without Control). It was the first show in Kurdish history with an open-minded and contemporary view of point. The show became the subject of many discussions and articles in different papers. Nevertheless the program had millions of viewers worldwide. After two years of success, Dashni returned to Kurdistani Iraq for the first time since 12 years.

She is referred as "The Shakira of Kurdistan" and has been the first singer to break barriers in the iraqi music industry. She has also released three albums: Hela Hopa, which was really succesful, Shika Wawa which it seems it was boycotted by most of the media and Frishtay Mihraban, which was in 2011 another success for her with plenty of R&B songs.

Sandy feat Karl Wolf - Awel Mara Atgara' (Remix)

Arsalan - Eshtebah

Ziad Borji - Ana Albi Alayk

Omar Basaad - La Chants