domingo, 31 de marzo de 2013

Valeriy Meladze & Vakhtang - Svet Ukhodyashchego Solntsa

Gökhan Özen - Milyoner

FLOW - HERO (Dragon Ball Z Battle Of Gods Ending Theme)

Sohail Shahzad - Beqarar

Phuong Linh - Trai Tim Lang Thang

Ken Yokoyama - You And I, Against The World

Alice Nine - Daybreak

Jan Arslan - Kîme Ez

Waad Al Bahri - Aghayar Hayati (Remix)

Maryam Saleh - Nixon Baba

Yasmine Hamdan - La Mouch (Tribute Video)

Kazamada - Mish Mohem

sábado, 30 de marzo de 2013

Mohammed Qwaider - Seket El 7aki

Rashid Majid - Thdona

Hala Al Turk - Ya Rab Samehni

Cesur Rekawt - Hêvîdarim

Lyu:Lyu - 回転

Eholami - Utrom

Inhuman Band - Boat Man

Damnkidz - Fate

Ayah Marar feat P Money - Alive

viernes, 29 de marzo de 2013

Faylan - Prism Flower

Tetsuya Kakihara - My Life My Time

Master & Bacho Chubinidze - Ar Gesmis

Arsen - Tagdyryn Saga Zhazganda

Vamp - Suck It

Zhang Jin - East West

Lou Yi Xiao - A Small World

Cerili - Nacrisferi Ca

Jamshid Abduazimov - Ona Qabri

J-Zohar - Like I Do

A.M. Kidd - What I Need

Karen Mok - Wicked Game

Sue Sue Zaw Win - Chit Khae Par Tal

martes, 26 de marzo de 2013

Cashew Chemists - Common Equation

Cashew Chemists is a rock band from sunny Singapore. Consisting of Yuji Kumagai (vocals), Brian Chia (guitar), Elliot Sng (bass) and Zachary Chia (drums), Cashew Chemists is heavily influenced by pop-rock music of the '60s and '70s, and seeks to enchant you with their dreamy songs and jazzy harmonies on top of twiddling surf guitar and classic bluesy bass. 

Upon the release of their first demos 'What She Said' and 'Road Trip' in late 2011, the group quickly caught the attention of local critics for their authentically revivalist sound and clever songwriting. The band was selected to perform at two of the region's largest indie music festivals, Baybeats and IGNITE in 2012. The band went on to make airwaves performing live on 98.7FM "Home". The band has also appeared in major publications such as TODAY, The Straits Times and JUICE. In June 2012, the group released its acclaimed first single, 'Common Equation'.

Roni Dalumi - Stam Shnei Anashim

Awie feat Adira - Ratuku (OST Sehangat Asmara)

MELL - In The Name of Love