martes, 31 de julio de 2012

Yida Huang - Light Your Smart World

Huang Yida (simplified Chinese: 黄义达; traditional Chinese: 黃義達; pinyin: Huang Yi Da; Born August 11, 1979) is a Singaporean singer and song writer. He has released 4 major albums on Sony Taiwan. His song "Chou Nan Ren" (Jerk) was the opening theme for the Taiwanese drama, Devil Beside You. Another song of his, "Set Me Free", was the theme song for the Chinese version of the movie Stealth. He graduated from the Lee Wei Song School of Music. His long-awaited fourth album "Dedicated to Myself" 写给自己的歌 was officially released on 28th Nov 2008. This song was released last year and it’s one of his best songs.

BY2 - 2020 I Love You

Tanya Chua - 蔡健雅

Miu Lê - Nhận Ra

Jay Wang - Giac Mo Xa Voi

J.Lee ft. Thai Viet G - Khep Lai (Drifting Away)

Hopie - No Chase

I.J.D. - W.A.R.

Triangle Offense feat Ryan Bandong - Eyes Open

Elissa - Fi Ayounek

Viviane Mrad - Agmal Kalam El Hob

lunes, 30 de julio de 2012

Sunidhi Chauhan & Adarsh Shinde - Kafirana

This song is the OST of  film Joker and it is definitely an approaching Hindi comedy drama fantasy adventure film and Shirish Kunder’s second directorial venture after Jaan-E-Mann. The movie stars Akshay Kumar along with Sonakshi Sinha in lead performance. This is the 2nd movie by which Sinha is paired opposite Kumar after Rowdy Rathore. The film will be releases across India on August 31st, 2012.

Penned by Shirish Kunder, composed by Girish Dagaonkar, Kafirana has been sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and Adarsh Shinde. While the song is trying hard to get into the league of Chikni Chameli and Halkat Jawani, it somehow fails to make the cut. The disappointment apart, dusky diva Chitrangda Singh dances her way into our hearts and proves that she can give the item girls a run for their money. 

Pesawat - Turbulence

Klangit - Sesal Mendua

Mojo - Andai Ku Bercinta Lagi

Adira - Sampaikan Salam Cintaku

Sleeq & Najwa Latif - Untuk Dia

Azlan & The Typewriter - Idola (OST Hoore Hoore)

Özgün - İnsaf

Serap Acar - Toka

Cemil Demirbakan - Aşk Diye Buna Derler

Funda Lena - Hazirim

Seksendört & Hande Yener - Öfkem Var

Yousei Teikoku - Kuusou Mesorogiwi

Ali Project - Kyoumu Densen

B1A4 - Baby Good Night

Charlene Choi - 蔡卓妍最新

domingo, 29 de julio de 2012

Hana Malhas - Just a Dream

Mike Massy - Law Fiyyi Tir

Yazan Al Rousan - Trouh

Myriam Fares - Khallani

Ohud - Rayek Kedha

Mona Amarsha - Qewat Qlb

Mashael - Henein

Qusai feat Mona Amarsha & Abdelfattah Grini - Any Given Day

Mohammed Al Zailaei - Ahl El Neil

Mohammed Al Zailaei - Ma Yeteeq El Sabra

Farah - Mannak Ma'ey

Youssef Arafat- Ya Baladi

jueves, 26 de julio de 2012

Ivan Kupala - Старый

Do you remember the adorable grannies that represented Russia this year at the eurovision song contest? If you liked the folk concept hidden behind the song you’ll love Ivan Kupala. It is a band from Saint Petersburg comprising Denis Fyodorov, Alexei Rumyantsev and Alexei Ivanov. The group mixes traditional russian folk songs with electronic sounds, producing a unique blend of world music. They are one the main references in russian folk music and the result is just phantastic. If you like it, you can download the song absolutely free from their official website, check next link.

P.D: Bollywood scenes with a russian folk song? that's fucking amazing isn't it? XD. It seems there's no official video for the song yet, you can watch another video (and perhaps more suitable) in next link ,  from an old russian movie.

Basheer & The Pied Pipers - Once Again

Is something big moving on in the music scene of Pakistan? Basheer & The Pied Pipers (BTPP) might be the first pakistani post-rock band that i talk about in the blog, but there are some new bands that are following the same steps that BTPP did to become popular. So the question in the near future is: will we be able to see new bands like these?  Eastern asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, Indonesia or Philippines were the first to adopt this kind of music, will Pakistan or India follow these steps? I mean, it's nice to listen to different sort of music but from my point of view i'm not willing to see the exact kind of music in every nation of the world. You can visit their official website and download their album:


Cường 7 ft Mr. A - Beautiful Girl

Eyal Golan - בין הטוב והרע

Avraam Russo - Не моя