sábado, 30 de junio de 2012

Haifa - Boukra Bfarjik

Haifa Wehbe was born March 10th, 1970 in Mahrouna, a small farming town in Southern Lebanon. She grew up listening to jazz and R&B. She became a model at a young age and won the title of “Miss South Lebanon” at age sixteen.She won an ancillary title at the “Miss Lebanon” competition, which she had to relinquish when it was discovered that she had already been married, disqualifying her. By 1996, she was seen on over 100 magazine covers. In 2006, she was on People Magazine’s 50 most beautiful people list.

Bokra Bfarjik is the new clip of the singer Haifa and was released in May on Tv Channels. Note that it belongs to Haifa’s new album “MJK” (Malikat Jamal El Kon) that was released on 8 May and contains 14 songs. And if i have to be sincere, i usually don't like Haifa's songs, there’s something in them that bores me, but not in this song.

Sae Lis' - The Way You Treat Me

Jad Shwery - Mesh Ayez Gheirak

R.Y.M Records - Rest In Peace

Myriam Fares - Chou Bheb

Sanaa Moussi Nassar - Ya Charbel

Ana Elaghaltan - أنا الغلطان ماش أنتى

Ana Alghaltan - Rai

Borkan ft Fares - Leh Ya Donia Leh

jueves, 28 de junio de 2012

K.A. feat Насыйкат - Сага

Myahri - Tans Etmeli

NON-STOP дуэти - Жалгыз сен

Natavan Hebibi - Geri Donecek

Klan-A-Plan - Avtobaz

Euro & Gulnar - Iki Delinin Sevgisi

Qurd (Klan-A-Plan) ft. İlhame Qasimova - Qesd Elesem

Connection Pro - U Know

Кундуз - Алгачкы махабат

Алеса - Стану ветром

Einstein Girls (Девушки Эйнштейна) - Balerini (Балерины)

miércoles, 27 de junio de 2012

Cameron Cartio feat Maria Manson - Sheytoonaki

Any Melodifestivalen fans around here? This singer will surely ring a bell to you then. Cameron Cartio (Persian: کامرون کارتیو), born Kamran on 9 April 1978 in Tehran, is a well known Swedish pop singer and songwriter of Iranian descent.

At eight years old, Cartio’s family left Tehran to spend a year in Barcelona, that’s why he sings in spanish in some of his songs. After that they moved to Malmö in southern Sweden. In 2005 he became a participant in Melodifestivalen, the swedish preselection for eurovision song contest. He released his first album in 2006 with great success and currently he is working on his second worldwide album. In this new song he performs with Maria Manson and it will be another hit for Cameron.

martes, 26 de junio de 2012

Namie Amuro - Hot Girls



Kana Nishino - GO FOR IT!!

Kana Nishino's new single, it will surely be erased in a matter of time, so hurry up and have a look ;-)


Lostage - Blue

Soulcrap - Too Hot' Road!

¡¡¡Let's go back to the 50's with this rockabilly japanese band!!!

Uhnellys - Switch

sever black paranoia - Beautiful Golden Taurus

Anybody interested in trancecore-metal? well, this japanese band may be of your taste

Ikochi - 売女

Nice concept but the singer is vocally weak, she screams sometimes.

Kamihikarusu - ホシノコエ

lunes, 25 de junio de 2012

Gina - La Dam Boom

Zee Avi - Concrete Wall

Natasha Yap - If You Would

MizzNina - With You

Guba feat Yuna - You're So Fine

Eira Syazira - Prasasti Cinta

Shlomi Shabat - Mi Ohev Otaj Ioter Mimeni

Melnica - Mertvec

Jonathan Wong - 你是哪種人

Yinon Yahel feat. Emmi - Jump

domingo, 24 de junio de 2012

Reda Al Abdallah - Fadwa L'albak

¡¡¡Summer is here!!! Have you already planned your holidays? I’m not really sure where to go yet but next song is surely one of the most I’ll be listening to. It belongs to Rida Al Abdulla who was born in Iraq in 1966 and he is among the most innovative and talented singers to emerge from modern Iraq. He came of age during the turmoil and violence of the Iran-Iraq war. At eighteen, he enrolled into the House of Art and Music Conservatory of Iraq in Baghdad where he studied all aspects of music for the next six years. His work bridges Arabic classical music (maqam) with popular styles of his region and beyond. ¡¡¡This is a great song to start summer!!!

Alaa Zalzaly - Dal'ouna

Iwan - Oul InchAllah

Marwa Nasr - Allah Yesamehny

Yara - Enta Minni

Farah - Mannak Ma'y

Diana Karazon - Kazzeb Alayi

Dina Hayek - Lei handi3