jueves, 21 de junio de 2012

Jamaster A - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Heart Of Asia)

Rememeber Ryuichi Sakamoto's song "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence"? It's undoubtedly an instant classic song  from mid 80's when it was released in the film of the same name (known as Furyo-Prisoner of War as well). Well, this song has been remixed throughout the years. One of this is is Jamaster A.

He’s the first Asian DJ/artist/producer who created a new style of Oriental Trance but he’s also interested in some other genres of music such as progressive and techno. In April 2010, Jamaster A released his debut solo album “The Art Of Asia" (2CD+DVD)” .This CD included all Jamaster A hit single with best remixes by world top DJs like Paul Oakenfold , Leon Bolier, Airbase, Talla 2XLC  and Maatern De Jong. It’s really worth  listening to it and if you enjoyed the original you should try this one. The least it could do is bring you some good memories back from those years.

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