domingo, 14 de abril de 2013

Young Georgian Lolitaz - Star

The Young Georgian Lolitaz is 4 piece band from Tbilisi, Georgia. Formed in 2000 Members are: Nika Kocharov - Guitar, Vocal, Songwriting. levan Shanshiashvili - Midi Guitar. David Svanidze - Bass. Guram Makalatia - Drums. Since 2000 “The young Georgian Lolitaz” took part in lots of festivals. “Mziuri”- 2000-2005 Tbilisi, Georgia (Every year rock music festival). In 2004 they were invited to Baku (Azerbaijan)“Az Rock”- festival. In 2005 in Batumi, sea side of Georgia took place a “Local Music Zone” festival, were “YGL” was invited like a main band. The same year in August they took part in festival “Print On The Sea” in Kvariati (small town near Batumi). In September they toured to Yerevan (Armenia), had couple gigs and very interesting performance at “Rock And The People” international festival. In January 2006 they participated in “Live and Digital 2” festival in Baku. Azerbaijan. The same month they participated in “Rock Sine Frontiers”- January 2006. Yerevan, Armenia.

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