jueves, 6 de junio de 2013

Space Gambus Experiment - Inner Search Healing School

Founded by Kamal Sabran; a Malaysian New Media Artist whom is currently a PhD candidate in the field of Sound Art. His work stands at the intersection of Art, Science and Technology. He has received the ‘Best New Media Artist Award’ from the Malaysian National Art Gallery as well as the ‘ASEAN New Media Artist Award’ awarded by the Indonesian National Art Gallery and in 2005 he completed a residency at the National Space Agency, Malaysia. 

He has recently released his newest album‘First Steps into Inner Space’, which consists of 11 new songs including Earth is Not my Home; I’m Just Passing By which is also the soundtrack to a new piece of video work made by Kamal whilst visiting the UK. ‘First Steps into Inner Space’ is a fascinating fusion of traditional Malaysian folk music and more contemporary, global, electronic sounds; this combination of aesthetics produces a seductively rhythmic body of work which is slightly more aggressive than their previous output but still beautifully soothing.

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